Our Story

No Compromises

Today’s health foods often present a problem to many consumers– If it’s really tasty, it’s probably not very nutritious, but if it’s high in protein or low in calories, it’s probably lacking in taste or has a long list of artificial ingredients.

At Flexfrost, we create delicious, meaningful nutrition. In fact, our ice cream is so delicious, you won’t believe it’s good for you. Our commitment of not compromising to give you the best product hands down means never taking the easy way out in finding the best ingredients, getting the purest protein, and getting ice cream to taste like ice cream.

It wasn’t easy to pack 12g of protein into a single scoop of Flexfrost ice cream but we believe in hard work and never settling for “good enough.” We continually challenge ourselves to give you the best products in every way - taste, nutrition, quality, and care so that you can be inspired to do what you want without compromise.


Where We’re From

Flexfrost is hand-sourced, hand-crafted, and hand-packaged in Montclair, NJ, a health-conscious community in the heart of the North Jersey suburbs where fresh farmers markets and locally produced foods define our roots. Each batch of ice cream starts off as ingredients from the most trusted and high quality producers and is carefully prepared into our mixture recipe. After chilling and letting all the flavors settle in for a night, we churn our ice cream using the best brand batch freezers to get rich, dense, premium ice cream that you know was made with passion, care, and inspiration.


About the Founder

Yang Bai is from Glen Ridge, NJ and combines his lifelong love of sports, fitness motivation, and great food into one passion to push the limits of health foods and our understanding of proper nutrition through the foods we eat. He attended Johns Hopkins University and found his calling when discovering that virtually no healthy and good tasting ice creams existed on the market. He is the creator behind the recipes for Flexfrost and hopes his company serves as a beacon to inspire those looking to be the first at what they want to achieve.