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Nutritional Comparison

To Other Popular Health Snacks (Per Serving)



Our Macros & Ingredients


Get Energy the Right Way

Flexfrost uses all-natural fruit sugars and all-natural monk fruit sugars for the clean, sweet taste in all of our flavors while doing away with the high calorie and added sugar count.

Monk Fruit has antioxidant and vitamin properties that make it a flavorful but nutritionally superior natural sweetener compared to most of the commercially used artificial sweeteners.

Glucose – To improve mouth-feel and give an added boost to replenishing your glycogen after a workout, a little glucose is added to all Flexfrost flavors.



Per Oz, more than Greek Yogurt

Not all proteins are created equal. We don’t claim high protein and load our products with soy, protein concentrate, and milk concentrate. Our protein is a balanced blend of isolates complementing your fitness goals.

Whey Protein Isolate – We use a 90% pure whey isolate by weight unsweetened and unflavored with any artificial additives which is then infused with our mix before churned into ice cream. For fast metabolizing protein after exercise and movement, Flexfrost has the protein your muscles need.

Milk Protein Isolate – We also use an unsweetened and unflavored milk isolate that contains both whey and casein isolates for slow metabolizing protein to fuel your recovery and deliver nutrients throughout the long duration of the day or night.

Whole Egg Protein –About ¼ of a whole egg makes it into each 4oz serving of Flexfrost.



No Cream Present

The fats in Flexfrost come from some in the 2% milk and the fraction of an egg per cup. At less than 3g per serving, we give you the relief to focus on the other macros.



Flexfrost uses the highest quality and richest form of flavoring while being mindful of their respective nutritional qualities. Even now, we continue our search for the best ingredients to further improve our recipe.