Clean, Balanced Nutrition.

With 110 calories, 11g protein, 10g sugar, and 2g fat, Flexfrost is more nutritious than leading brands of chocolate milk and energy bars.

Quality Ingredients Equals Meaningful Nutrition

Real vanilla beans means rich, smooth flavor.

A Real Chai Spice Blend

that gives your palate a subtle kick before bringing it back to a comforting Mmm

Dark chocolate bits seamlessly melt with each bite of refreshing mint

Secret blend of coffee beans

...means a flavor so bold, you'll do a double take

About Us

Inspired by Athletes, Designed for Everyone

Great-tasting, healthy food should never be a privilege. We are committed to making our product affordable and accessible to all.

Since being founded in 2014, Flexfrost has reached health clubs, public schools, universities. 

Our mission is to promote nutritional education while putting a smile on your face. Flexfrost isn’t just our delicious treat for the world but an awesome vehicle to get people excited about healthy living.

Whether you're an athlete, student, parent, or just someone looking for good dessert, Flexfrost has something for everyone.

It's no surprise that only a cup of ice cream can bring together people from so many different walks of life.